Focus On
the Issues

and Solutions For Tomorrow.

Local television refers to Nashville as being “On the Rise.”

While we may be the “It City,” we aren’t an “It City” for everyone.

For Our Kids


Our children feel pushed out,
so they push back with violence.


In an East African tradition, a common greeting is: “And, how are the children?” A positive response signifies that the community is well and flourishing. I will work with all my neighbors, mental health providers, nationally-known scholars, schools, police, and the juvenile court so that when we are asked this question, we can say, “The children are well.”

For Our Neighborhoods


We are experiencing an influx of people who don’t know us and don’t appreciate our culture or our community, while our elders are being bullied out of their homes.

To stop toxic gentrification and unruly development, we need to establish stable zoning. We need to revive and revitalize our mission to provide a safe and stable community that fosters thoughtful growth and prosperity.

For Our City


Economic growth has not reached our neighborhoods in District 21.


I want to aggressively seek out opportunities that will enrich our community, and ensure that 21 is a participant in, and beneficiary of, a truly great city. In our unique district, and its frequent intersection of the haves and the have-nots, this is critical.  Instead of being an observer of our city’s success, our neighbors should be part of it.

Our district’s challenges are not new, although they wear a new face and come at a faster pace:


                • Unrestrained development.
                • Youth with no outlets who sometimes act out with violence.
                • A city experiencing remarkable growth and abundance – but a continued failure to make the fruits of that abundance available to all.


The pace of these changes must be matched by equal responsiveness and equal effort.

For too long, leaders we’ve trusted have been less active and less pro-active than we deserve. I’ll seek to change that trend.